Who We Are

About Us

 SW Somali Community of Oregon is a non-profit and non-political organization striving to assist Somali people and other immigrants living in Oregon especially newly arrived  in Oregon by providing advice, information, guidance and education for young people. However, we have diversified in response to issues identified to accommodate the needs of all sections of the Somali Community as a dedicated and specialist group. we are dedicated to improving the lives of our vulnerable Somali population in Oregon, SW Somali Community serves the holistic needs of Oregon's immigrants, refugees, and mainstream community members. As a community-based organization, we empower children, youth, families, and elders from Somalia as well as east African communities to build new lives and become self-sufficient by providing culturally and linguistically specific social services.





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What We Do

Our Programs

 COVID-19 Support Service

Covid-19 (Services we used to provide and we are still providing)
Healthy marriage trainings, family unity and conflict resolution
Providing services to newcomers
Help families navigate resources
Connect needy families to social service agencies
Family gathering and women groups 
After Corvid (services we provide now)
Provide awareness about corvid prevention techniques; 6ft policy, importance of isolation, hand washing, encourage on minimizing community gathering (such as weeding, congregation)
Distributing face mask  and hand sanitizers to the community
Provided information about the testing centers, support in contact tracing.
Mails flyers about social distancing, importance of seeking early treatment, protecting vulnerable populations.


Southwest Somali Community  helps Oregon's immigrants and refugees build healthy working families through workshops, education, outreach and intervention.

Youth Programs

youth Programs to ensure that east African youth receive a quality education to overcome the obstacles that perpetuate inequality and poverty. From one-on-one mentoring, tutoring, academic advocacy and after school activities, to gang prevention and intervention for at-risk youth by providing positive interactions with community members and offering new ways to develop through participation in a variety of classes an teach them how they can become something bigger in their community.

Our Community Partners